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motcom GmbH develops, produces and sales Safety and Monitoring systems for large piston engines and industrial machinery. In case of large piston engines the presence of dangerous oil mist concentration is still a serious problem and can result in a crankcase explosion with high costs for repair and at worst danger to life for the operators. SiCOMS / OCom is motcom’s oil mist concentration monitoring system which is developed under IACS Unified Requirements, SOLAS Chapter II-1 and ATEX guidelines.

Oil mist in engines and other machinery is mostly generated by friction of metallic surface on each other with loss of lubrication. Friction in bearings can be dected in a very early state by BeCOMS / BCom, motcom’s bearing condition monitoring system. BeCOMS / BCom fulfils the requirements of Classification Societies.

By using our systems the operation of your engine or machinery will be safer and cost-efficient. For more details about our products, please follow the links above or contact us.

BeCOMS® / BComBeCOMS® / BCom

The BeCOMS / BCom system can be used on engines and machines (turbines, pumps, etc.) where the shaft is not electrically isolated from bearing shells. It utilises the thermo-electrical (Seebeck) effect for monitoring the condition of the engine / machine, bearings…

Becoms / BCom


The SiCOMS / OCom is an oil mist detection system, pipe-less and suction free, with sensors mounted in the engine wall or in the compartment cover which allows a quick and exact measuring of the oil mist and the temperature direct in the compartment…

motcom® loganalyser online / offline analysis tool for BeCOMS and SiCOMSmotcom® loganalyser

The motcom loganalyser is a software for manual and automatic online analysing of the BeCOMS / BCom and SiCOMS / OCom logdata. Reviewing and assessing this data is vital for evaluating engine condition and planning maintenance procedures…

Dislpay loganayser



motcom GmbH is ISO9001:2015 certified by DEKRA and our production of oilmist detectors is additionally ATEX complied certified by DEKRA under the Directive 2014/34/EU

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